Nonquistadora is a volunteer-run social venture catalyst organization that provides mentor, implementation, and support systems for social entrepreneurship projects pertaining to the food and water security, preventative health, and sustainable energy needs of communities.

Nutritional food, clean water, clean energy, and basic sanitation are the support systems of all human life.  These basic support structures of life are holistically essential. Individuals without adequate access to food and clean water, are endemically subject to hunger, disease, poverty, and overall decline, as are the communities in which individuals experience these needs.
Nonquistadora intends to empower many different communities around the world with the means to sustain healthy, culturally diverse, and ecologically sound lives.





-Mary has received BA's in Global Studies and

 Political Science.

-Cristina has received a BA in Electronic Media

 and Film.

-Jasmine has received an MA in Global Public






Mary Wilcox, Cristina McDaniel and Jasmine West founded Nonquistadora and share a passion and commitment to the organization's growth and development.






Nonquistadora’s first social venture is the innovative integration of sustainable systems which efficiently, holistically, and non-exclusively fulfill the food and water security, sanitation, and sustainable energy needs of specific communities, while providing a variety of preventative health benefits within the physical space of a shipping container.


Though mechanisms to increase crop yield, to increase water availability, and to capture renewable energy exist, they exist on a commodified plane that is inaccessible to the most impoverished communities and the most displaced members of those communities. These mechanisms only offer solutions - to a fraction of those who need it - which fix only a symptom of the overall problem.  A holistic community focused approach, which is culturally appropriate and community specific, is necessary to effectively address these needs and preserve diversity on a local and global scale.